Vision & Values


Our Vision

The Trinity Fellows Academy envisions a growing network of mature followers of Christ who together advance the common good through the transforming power of the gospel, bringing biblical wisdom, vocational acumen, and enriching community to bear on the most pressing challenges and opportunities of our generation.

Our Mission

The Trinity Fellows Academy prepares rising leaders to live their entire lives in faithful response to God’s call and to engage creatively the world of today. We accomplish our mission by providing exclusive time, space, and community for:

  1. Spiritual discernment and formation, in-depth research, and personal mentoring
  2. Training in a biblically faithful, theologically rich, intellectually robust, and fully integrated vision for Christian thought and life
  3. Expanding understanding of and affection for the people, networks, cities, ideas, innovations, and institutions that shape modern life and culture
  4. Honing a critical voice and creative vision to effectively influence particular areas of individual calling
  5. Connecting graduates to a wider network of faithful Christian leaders and preparing them to equip others to pursue a shared vision

Statement of Faith

The Christian identity of the Trinity Fellows Academy shapes and directs the organization’s entire mission and daily life. Assumptions grounded in faith guide our beliefs about what is important and possible; they inform our curricular and program priorities, and provide a framework for integrating spiritual formation, academic scholarship, community life, exploration of life calling, and vocational and cultural engagement.

We acknowledge and live under the authority of God’s supreme and sufficient Word, the Bible, as practiced in historic orthodox Christianity and summarized in the ancient creeds of the Church—the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. From these convictions flow a commitment to presence and participation in the body of Christ through our local churches. We come from various denominational backgrounds and are united by our faith in Christ as brothers and sisters called to a time, place, and mission through the Academy. We believe that what goes deepest to the heart goes widest to the world.