Class of 2017

Each year Trinity Fellows Academy grants full fellowships to up to twelve outstanding young scholars, professionals, and artists to live, study, and serve for nine months at Osprey Point. The Fellows are selected based on their proven academic success, demonstrated leadership ability, eagerness to learn and serve, and commitment to following Christ in all areas of their lives.

Fellowship Recipients for the Class of 2017

We are proud to welcome our 16th class of Fellows, who now join our 168 alumni around the world in seeking to live their entire lives in response to God’s call.

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    Lauren Alfieri


    Lauren left Michigan in 2011 to attend Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. While pursuing her degree in Christian ministry, she got involved with Campus Ministries at Regent as well as the Prayer Department at Rhema Bible Church in Oklahoma. After finishing her degree, Lauren went through a discipleship training school in Norway followed by an outreach project in Bulgaria with Youth With a Mission. During her time in Norway and Bulgaria she worked in a number of churches and with a variety of youth groups. After YWAM she returned home to Michigan where she interned at her local church in the prayer and outreach departments. After the Academy, Lauren hopes to live out her passion for loving the lost and broken.

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    Christopher Armstrong


    Chris grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010, having studied behavioral economics and computer science. He spent the past several years building tech startups and leading engineering teams in Seattle and Colorado, but sensed a deeper yearning to investigate his calling as a cultivator of people and relationships. Fascinated by psychology, behavior, and what motivates us as people, Chris is looking forward to exploring the intersection of vocational calling and faith at the Academy.

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    Jeffrey Banks


    A native of Wilmette, Illinois, Jeff graduated from Davidson College in 2011 with a degree in English. After teaching in France and serving for a year with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, Jeff went to Columbia Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity in 2016. During seminary, he spent several formative summers at l’Abri Fellowship in Southborough, Massachusetts learning about the importance of hospitality, community, and “whole-person” education. At TFA, Jeff plans to think about how Christian communities can serve as sites of character as well as intellectual formation such that they help college students thrive in pluralistic, “post-Christian” environments.

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    Becky Brown


    Becky graduated from Trinity Western University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and TESOL. Since graduation, she has worked primarily within the Government-Non-Profit Sector, delivering settlement and language services to immigrants and refugees in the Vancouver, British Columbia region. In her spare time, she does freelance writing which is often inspired by her travels or her work with newcomers. Becky completed a course at Regent College in Spring 2016 which jumpstarted the pursuit of further studies. At TFA, Becky hopes to intertwine her love for sojourner and story. She anticipates growing in the love and wisdom of the triune God who invites sojourners to participate in his divine story.

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    Andrew Collins


    Andrew graduated from The Master’s College in 2012 with a degree in communication. A native Californian, Andrew cut his teeth in the political world by interning for his local congressman and subsequently working on that congressman’s reelection campaign in 2012. He then moved to Washington, DC, where he has spent the past three years as a digital media manager and staff writer at a public interest journalism nonprofit. In his free time, he enjoys pursuing creative endeavors such as reviewing movies, reading good books, writing about something other than politics, and co-hosting a podcast. Andrew plans to hone his writing skills and consider how one ought to live amid the sea changes wrought by the digital age.

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    Christy Craig


    Christy attended the College of William & Mary, serving as Chapter  President of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, conducting child nutrition research in Malawi, and—prompted by her own experience of attending high school in Zambia—studying the unique identity development of American college students raised abroad as ‘third culture kids.’ Since graduating in 2013 with a degree in Sociology and Public Health, Christy has worked for a global public health nonprofit based at Emory University, and is an active member of Trinity Anglican Church in Atlanta. During her year at TFA, Christy hopes to continue exploring third culture kid experiences and the distinct challenges of fostering Christian community among expatriate communities.

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    Kathryn Ervin


    Kathryn has spent the last six years investigating the technical and conceptual terms of the visual arts. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from East Carolina University in 2014 with a degree in painting and drawing and has been teaching art, exhibiting work, and building a nonprofit art advocacy studio in her hometown of Morganton, NC. Her visual portfolio encompasses interdisciplinary projects that include digital, sculptural, and two dimensional media that have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the Carolinas. Her desire for each new project—whether it is in the studio, working with students, or instigating social collaborations—is to further cultivate the practice of thinking deeply and living fully. She is privileged to encourage others to do the same. Kathryn plans to study the sustainability of art practices and advocacy within the church and produce an interactive art piece designed for the Trinity Fellows Academy.

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    Tafadzwa Matika


    Tafadzwa (Taf) graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2016, where he studied Nutrition. While at UNC, Taf was active in several student organizations including Every Nation Campus Ministries, student government and Student Action with Workers. He also founded an annual Religion and Science Symposium between Duke and UNC as well as an annual photography campaign entitled the “I Have A Dream Campaign.” More recently, Taf has been discovering his passion for public health and medicine with a developing curiosity for issues surrounding HIV and Diabetes in Africa. As a growing Christian, Taf is increasingly fascinated by questions surrounding religion and medicine. At the Academy, he specifically hopes to explore questions surrounding healing miracles and the role of God in medicine.

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    Kristyn Miller


    Kristyn graduated from Baylor University in 2015 where she studied Corporate Communication. Immediately following her graduation, she spent a year working in her college-town where she created and implemented an economic development initiative to strengthen City and University relations. As an undergrad, she became highly involved in both her campus and her community by serving as the Student Body External Vice President. The culmination of these experiences developed in Kristyn a passion for community and economic development, an area to which she feels called. Interested in how global change is affected through the public will of communities, she plans to pursue a career in such a field. While at TFA, Kristyn will explore the role of the Church in the cross-section of philanthropy and public improvement, specifically for local development, as a fulfillment of Jesus’ commandment to love the neighbor as the self.

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    Tianna Stieglitz


    Tianna graduated from Purdue University in 2013, where she studied Hospitality and Tourism Management, with a certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At Purdue, she was involved in campus outreach through the Purdue Young Group and Lafayette Urban Ministries, and was a student in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. After graduation, Tianna took a management role with Starbucks Coffee Company, and has spent the last three years managing store operations and team building. She is looking forward to examining the value of Christ-driven hospitality and its impact on people relationally and spiritually. One of Tianna’s favorite things to do is to connect people through interesting foods, drinks, and experiences. She hopes to pursue future business education and a career within the small-business world upon leaving TFA.