Followers of Christ Must Have Strong Character Qualities

The Followers of Christ is basically a smaller Christian denomination primarily located in the U.S. states of Idaho, Oklahoma and Oregon. Church members and even at least one public official (Idaho state Senator Lee Heider} has advocated that parents have the option of using whatever means of healing they feel comfortable with for their children. In an age when modern medicine is slowly beginning to shun traditional treatments, this position is highly ironic. While traditional Christian therapies have been shown time and again to be effective, the followers of Christ have pushed back against such treatment, often violently. Yet in some cases, followers of Christ have been successful in creating healing within their families as well, if they choose the right therapy. You’ll find the best lord of the ocean slot here, you have time to get it!

It is important for followers of Christ to realize that they are not required to provide health care for their loved ones or to offer prayers of healing for sick family members. The Bible teaches that we are to go out and preach the gospel to all the world, but it is God’s will to heal the sick. Those who belong to the followers of Christ are encouraged to reach out and minister to others through prayer, which is the only way that God will work in their lives and heal those who are sick.

In Worthington, Oregon there was a major upset in local government last year when a judge declared a residentchurch not allowed to hold a funeral because the resident used to attend church services but was not regular in his faith. This led to an argument between the judge and a man who was a regular churchgoer who happened to be the father of four children. Such a ruling would have been unheard of if the church in Worthington never allowed worship to take place during the times that these grieving family members did not have faith to. While some churches are trying to find creative solutions to problems like this, most church leaders and clergy are saying that this was not a proper case and church members were wrong in their judgment.

Church leaders claim that the defendant had a cardiac arrest due to heart disease that was not caused by taking God’s name in vain. They further claim that God let this man die rather than provide medical intervention. What is interesting about all this is that church leaders have told their congregation that medical intervention is not necessary if God has already accomplished what is needed. I could say many things about this except to say that such reasoning is problematic and even contradictory.

There is nothing inconsistent about telling a follower of Christ that he or she must continue to do something that will hurt other people in the process. To tell followers of Christ, that they should not seek medical intervention to help their sick family member who is dying of a heart attack is very much like telling followers of Christ that they should not go to church because a sick person is walking among them. Such a sermon is most unfortunate and it makes the entire church look bad.

The pastor and the church leadership were once involved with a gay man who was having a problem. The pastor stopped the man from going to church on some grounds that are known only to the couple. It appears that the gay man’s life was drawing to a tragic conclusion and that he was not receiving the love and care that he so desperately needed. This man did not want to take medication or attend counseling in order to save his life. He simply wanted God to solve his problems on his own.

The church leadership preached a sermon which essentially told Idaho residents that they were not obligated to seek medical treatment for a sickness that God had already cured. This is just flat out ignorant and contradictory reasoning. It also flies in the face of the teachings of scripture where God encourages us to seek medical treatment when we are sick. Does the church leadership realize that this is exactly the kind of reasoning that leads to death? Can a person honestly believe that God would not want his followers to seek medical treatment when there is an imminent peril to their health?

The message that many Christians have come to believe regarding their spiritual beliefs is that the teachings of the Old and New Testament are the correct and complete Word of God. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jesus warned us to seek out a doctor after our physical bodies fall ill, but in doing so, he also encouraged followers of Christ to have strong character qualities because these character qualities will help lead us to the life we were called to live.