The Program

The Trinity Fellows Academy is an immersive learning community that is grounded in worship, and that engages in a robust study of Christian faith, culture, service, and public life. The Academy provides exclusive time, space, and resources for Fellows to develop their thinking, to improve their leadership skills, and to grow in their spiritual life.

The core of the Academy is a nine-month residential program that involves a shared spiritual and community life, hands-on service at our conference center, a two-term curriculum, and an individual research project.  Up to twelve Fellows are awarded fully funded fellowships each year, which are valued at approximately $25,000. During the year, Fellows receive instruction and mentoring from our staff and faculty team, and also receive academic and professional advising from a range of experienced Christian leaders.

Here are the five goals outlined in our Mission Statement, accompanied by explanations of how the Academy experience is designed to help Fellows achieve them.

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    Spiritual development and personal mentoring

    • Regular disciplined prayer, and guided times of reflection, silence, and solitude.
    • Seminars in spiritual development and spiritual disciplines, and also assessments of personal gifts/strengths.
    • The opportunity to present one’s life story with other members of the community.
    • Personal and professional mentoring from a range of Christian leaders.
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    Training in a biblically faithful, theologically rich, intellectually robust, and fully integrated vision for Christian thought and life

    • Weekly Bible study examining the broad themes of scripture as well as tools for in-depth study.
    • Daily scripture reading and group reflection.
    • Pastoral guidance and teaching.
    • Substantial applied analysis of scripture in Fellows’ research projects.
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    An understanding of and affection for the people, networks, cities, ideas, innovations, and institutions that shape modern life and culture

    • Teaching from Christian leaders in a wide range of academic and professional fields.
    • Seminars in modern cultural studies and history of modern ideas.
    • Multi-disciplinary learning cohort.
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    Honing a critical voice and creative vision to effectively influence particular areas of individual calling

    • In-depth Fellowhip research project, integrating biblical thought and cultural analysis.
    • Academic thesis advisors in cultural studies, theology, and religion and public life.
    • Regular writing assignments with training in the writing process.
    • Writing groups and facilitated writing workshops.
    • Opportunities to present and publish work.
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    Connecting graduates to a wider network of faithful Christian leaders, and preparing them to equip others to pursue a shared vision

    • Seminars in leadership, team dynamics, goal setting, and strategic networking.
    • Training in facilitating Trinity Forum reading and discussion groups.
    • Intentional introductions to Academy alumni, and the Trinity Forum network.