Osprey Point

Osprey Point, the home of the Trinity Fellows Academy campus, is a beautiful retreat and conference center located on the Chesapeake Bay near St. Michaels, Maryland. It stretches across 15 acres of breathtaking, secluded waterfront property and offers magnificent views. It is a pleasant drive from several major cities including Washington, D.C. (90 minutes), Baltimore (90 minutes), Philadelphia (3 hours) and New York (4-5 hours).

For more information about availability and rates, visit the Osprey Point website at www.ospreypoint.org, or contact General Manager Roger Valentine at 410-745-4400.

Founding Values of Osprey Point

On October 28, 2000, Osprey Point was commissioned by a group of committed Christian leaders as a place to represent and promote seven core values. In November 2001, Trinity Fellows Academy (then the Trinity Forum Academy) was founded to instill these values in generations of young leaders. We continue to uphold these seven values in order cultivate a community that:

  1. Makes Jesus central, that holds first things first and second things second, and endeavors always to rise above denominational and party labels to make our relationship with him the center and soul of life.
  2. Makes faith thinkable, that turns aside from the superficial, the simplistic, and the anti-intellectual, and that seeks to honor God and reflect his truth in all our thinking and action.
  3. Makes community viable, that seeks to make mutual encouragement, mutual support, and mutual accountability a practical reality here.
  4. Makes creation and the arts integral, that appreciates and preserves the natural environment, and that grows in an understanding and enjoyment of artistic gifts and creativity.
  5. Makes leadership honorable, that encourages the highest qualities in all our lives, and esteems those who exemplify those virtues in their public and professional lives.
  6. Makes goodness fashionable, that identifies and resists the slide toward mediocrity and vice, and promotes a vision of life that reinforces truth and goodness.
  7. Makes our generation responsible, that cultivates a vital sense of the times in which we live, and encourages a timely commitment and response to its urgency.

Services and Amenities

Osprey Point Retreat and Conference Center is the perfect choice for groups of 10–50 people. Our passion is giving you the kind of attention you won’t find elsewhere, because during your stay, serving your group is our only focus. Rates vary by season and day of the week.

Working from Rest

Osprey Point Retreat and Conference Center invites you to leave behind the buzz of competing demands as you gather with your colleagues to strategize, negotiate solutions, establish new vision and build lasting relationships. Osprey Point’s private, relaxed environment provides an ideal setting in which your team can achieve results.

Nestled amidst Maryland’s charmed Eastern Shore, Osprey Point’s spacious, lush conference center can be yours alone while your team rekindles creativity, passion and connection. Your state of mind will change the moment you arrive.

At Osprey Point you will find that first-class hospitality, uncommonly fresh, savory cuisine, and unforgettable ambiance is just business as usual. We can’t wait to greet you with our signature warm welcome!


Osprey Point Retreat and Conference Center offers the unique opportunity to share a “living space” together, where the spirit of camaraderie can flourish. Guests enjoy exclusive use of the entire center, including:

  • Twenty-five luxurious bedrooms, many with waterfront views
  • Meeting and breakout rooms
  • Chapel
  • Pool
  • Exterior grounds, pier
  • Outdoor veranda
  • Fitness room with treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bikes
Meeting Options

Fostering inspiration and energy, Osprey Point Retreat and Conference Center’s meeting rooms fuse cozy, old-world charm with modern technology and generous space. Our staff will collaborate with you to create the ideal setting in which your team can connect, break out, strategize and contemplate.

  • Meeting areas accommodate up to 50 participants
  • Choose from a range of work spaces, including classroom-style or casual atmospheres
  • Enjoy intimate break-out locations
  • Complimentary A/V services include LCD overhead projector, screen, flip charts, markers, high-speed wireless access connection and office services of printing and faxing
  • Refreshments available throughout the day

Osprey Point’s acclaimed, yet unassuming chef, Dawn McLoughlin, takes pride in creating mouth-watering cuisine to match the preferences, budget and dietary needs of Osprey’s guests. She meets personally with planners to create one-of-a-kind meals using local fare and wholesome, fresh ingredients.

  • Our tantalizing dining experience features a stunning waterfront view
  • Choose from our list of reasonable and fine wines and beers for your receptions, dinners and late night enjoyment.

We’re confident that the time you spend at our table will be unforgettable!

Resort Activities

At Osprey, we believe an ingredient of successful team-building is play—so we provide a variety of activities to get your team’s hearts pumping and the creative juices flowing, including:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Biking
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Boating & Fishing
  • Billiards & Foosball
Local Attractions

Nestled between historic St. Michaels and “the best little town on the Eastern Shore,” Easton, Osprey Point Retreat and Conference Center invites your group to enjoy the tranquility of Maryland’s treasured waterfront towns. Our staff can introduce your group to a host of leisurely attractions.