The Curriculum

Fellows engage in a rigorous, graduate-level curriculum that is delivered by our Faculty and Guest Speakers.  The goal of the curriculum is twofold: first, to provide Fellows with the setting and resources to grapple with the core philosophical principles of Christian thought and modern society; second, to broaden the Fellows’ appreciation for Christ’s redemptive work in the world by introducing them to speakers who are creatively engaging the world from within their own areas of calling.  Throughout the year, Fellows write responses to readings and lectures, so as to form a log of personal and intellectual development.

Past notable speakers include:

Dr. Os Guinness
(author and social critic)
Gary Haugen
(founder and President of International Justice Mission)
Dr. Francis Collins
(former Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute)
Jody Hassett Sanchez
(CNN, Pointy Shoe Productions)
Michael Cromartie
(Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center)
Micheal Flaherty
(President, Walden Media)
Rev. Jim Wallis
(Founder and editor of Sojourners, author)
Paul & Terry Klaassen
(Founders of Sunrise Senior Living)
Steve Case
(former CEO of AOL)
Dr. Nigel Cameron
(President of the Center for for Policy on Emerging Technologies)
Andy Crouch
(Executive Editor of Christianity Today)
Al Sikes
(former Chairman of the FCC, media executive)
Mako Fujimura
(artist and Director of the Brehm Center at Fuller University)
The Hon. Ed Meese
(former U.S. Attorney General)
Dr. Matthew and Nancy Sleeth
(Executive and Managing Director of Blessed Earth)
Connally Gilliam
(author and speaker)
Jim Gilmore
(author, speaker, consultant)
Kelly Munroe Kullberg
(author, founder of Veritas)
Dr. J.P Moreland
(philosopher, theologian, apologist)
Dr. Jennifer Wiseman
(NASA Senior Astrophysicist)

Many speakers come to the Academy as Scholars in Residence. Through this program, rising and established scholars are invited to spend an extended time at the Academy while working on a thesis, dissertation, or book. During their stay, scholars are invited to give a presentation to the Fellows, and to participate in community worship and meals.

Regardless of their length of stay, each speaker and topic fits into one of the following four areas: Leadership and Professional Development; Personal and Spiritual Development; Theology and Biblical Studies; Cultural Studies and Cultural Apologetics.

Fellowship Thesis

The Fellowship Thesis is a unique research project that gives Fellows the opportunity to form their learning for the year into applicable ideas. In traditional academic settings it can be difficult to develop a project that considers the professional and spiritual implications of an issue. At the Academy, Fellows are encouraged to pursue those significant questions in their field that they may not have time to answer anywhere else. While many Fellowship Theses are written, past projects have included a short film, a website, a portfolio of oil paintings, and a charter for a nonprofit organization.

Sample thesis topics include:

  • The Impact of Communication Technology on Our Sense of Community by Josh Britton (Class of 2008, LSU, currently working on Capitol Hill)
  • Science as Worship by David Scudder (Class of 2008, Stanford University, taught in South Africa at the African Leadership Academy, currently a medical student at Vanderbilt University) A multimedia website exploring the fundamentals of neuroscience and cosmology and their theological implications
  • Sandals Home for Women by Monica Slinkard (Class of 2007, Davidson University, Yale Nursing) Recognizing a need to serve mothers in crisis pregnancies on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Monica wrote a charter for a non-profit organization, partnered with a local agency, formed a board of advisors and put into motion the funding and effort needed to establish a home to serve mothers in need.
  • Fashion as Insight into Modern Culture – Katie Roland Allen (Class of 2003, Bucknell University, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Christian Views on the State and War – Judd Robertson (Class of 2004, Princeton University graduate, currently serving as a defense analyst in Washington, DC)
  • Christian Business Ethics Applied to Real Estate Development – Brad Bell (Class of 2007, Florida State graduate, currently a market analyst with CNL Real Estate).

Regional Events

Because the Osprey Point campus is only 90 minutes from Washington DC and Baltimore, Fellows make regular trips into the city to attend lectures, arts performances, and museums. Other getaways include trips to New York City (a 4–5 hour drive), camping in the Shenandoah, or beach trips to Delaware’s Atlantic Coast.